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Posted: Friday July 09

☑️CAR TRANSPORTING - STATE TO STATE SERVICE! EVERY IMAGE POSTED IS ONE OF OUR TRANSPORTS. EITHER ONE OF OUR TRUCKS OR OUR DRIVERS TRUCKS THAT WE DISPATCH FOR – NO STOLEN IMAGES FROM THE INTERNET. THESE ARE OUR TRANSPORTS FROM CUSTOMERS JUST LIKE YOU. ☑️We offer Nationwide Auto Shipping 🔅Door-to-Door Service 🔅Transporting Running or Non-Running Cars, 🔅Trucks, Motorcycles, Etc. 🔅Multiple-Vehicle Discount! 🔅Open Transport and Enclosed Transport Door-to-Door Service Transporting Running or Non-Running Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Etc. Multiple-Vehicle Discounts! Open Transport and Enclosed Transport Shipping across the U.S. **FULLY Licensed, Bonded and INSURED **24/7 Customer Service! **Fill Out the Quote Form at for a Free Quote. ***877-428-8697 / 24 hours a day/ 7 Days a Week with any Questions AUTO EXPRESS Inc. is a REAL COMPANY who is a VERIFIABLE chartered trucking company Motor Carrier #1110405 licensed with the Federal Government and Department of Transportation #3428899 and Contractor for the U.S. Government. Multiple company trucks under our trucking authority and owner operator partners that are not only our family and friends over 40 years but the most qualified truckers in the country. (The Federal Government requires us to provide that information in our ads like all Professionals. If you Do Not see those numbers in an AD, they are Sales Company, Dealers and Tow Trucks Companies who lack the proper insurance and protection their consumers under Federal Mandates) We are NOT salespeople. We are Car Haulers and Dispatchers. We do not sell information. We do not market. Our reviews speak for themself. Why work with Auto Express Inc.? 1. ⭐We are Professional Car Haulers and a Dispatch Company ⭐ DOT requires that if we book Orders “For Hire” then we MUST have a Broker Authority but we ALSO OWN TRUCKS and have a TRUCKING AUTHORITY. They also recommend that we have 2 other Insurances that most Brokers Claim to Have but Do Not. Ask them What 2 Insurances they have in addition to their Bond. They will tell you that the truck is insured – In other words they are know nothing about this business. We are one of the rare companies properly insured because we heavily invested on the trucking side and have more to lose than a few cars. 2. Outside of the fact that we own our own trucks and can pick up and deliver your vehicle door to door, we have loading hubs in every major market in the United States We Have Hubs in FORT LAUDERDALE, MINNEAPOLIS, SACRAMENTO, ATLANTA, NORFOLK, LONG ISLAND, CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, DENVER, SEATTLE, SPOKANE, TWIN CITIES, CINCINNATI, LOS ANGELES AND SAN DIEGO. Weather Permitting - We Can Guarantee Picking Up Your Vehicle Within Hours at Our Insured, Secured Lots. (Now that we are Posting this Other Companies will Say they Offer the Same Thing. They are Pathological Liars. Everything we say, they call, record it and repeat it to customers in psychobabble. These are Services that we use to save money as we own trucks) 3. Our Experience in this Industry puts us Above Everyone. I am a Car Hauler. I have most likely driven your roads in my 2,000,000+ miles driving this country. In one phone call I can find out what is going on, on your highways. Because of this my pricing is Accurate. When I give a Price, a Driver will not show up and tell you that you owe more which is what most of these brokers do and why they control the reviews you can leave on them. As an Experienced Car Hauler, I can make things happen a Broker can never understand. Often brokers with the cheapest price are hiring guys with canceled insurance and horrible damage reviews. There is a firm rate for every lane that the best drivers will not go under, and you are not a Car Hauler how would you know what a Car Hauler wants for a certain vehicle as vehicle can weigh anything from 2,000lbs to 14,000lbs with all kinds of dimensions. Load Boards do not give accurate estimates of prices. Load Board estimates prices by Pickup $1,000 for example but it does not say 1500, 2500 or 3500. It does not say Corolla or Avalon, it says Car - but vehicles vary in weight from 1,000lbs to 5,000lbs. Car Haulers often are working with less than 400lbs on a loaded truck so every 100lbs matter and this is where Brokers get customers in bad situations throwing out wrong prices because they do not understand car haulers. 4. Why Does Auto Express Ask Us to Fill Out the Quote Form to Get a Quote? We are Car Haulers, and these are the questions that a Car Hauler ask. The more information we have about the transport the better service we can provide. 3 Things Go into Giving Customers Accurate Quotes Being that we Pack Vehicles Inches Apart trying to Make the Most Out every Inch on Our Trailers. 1. The Weight of Your Vehicle 2. The Dimensions of Your Vehicle 3. The Logistics (Pickup and Delivery Location and the Hours We Must Work Within) We created the quote form NOT for sales but because the information YOU provide is what we need to know as a Car Hauler. Those are the exact questions we ask filling our trucks as Dispatchers and Drivers. When we have that information as a Car Hauler or Dispatcher, we can get your vehicle picked up fast and for the best price. Car Haulers move non-stop, looking for the best-priced vehicles that match their open slots. When you complete the Quote form our process is far more effective for you as a consumer than dealing with a salesperson that will only post your vehicle on a load board for a commission. You will not be arded with phone calls or text messages from other companies. You deal solely with the Auto Express team and your driver/dispatcher by phone call, text or email as you feel comfortable. We are always on time. We always provide fair and accurate pricing. We will save you time and stress. What does it mean that a broker is Bonded, Licensed and Insured? A bond ensures that if a broker offers a driver a contract for a price that if the broker does not pay then the bond will pay the trucking company. To obtain licensure from the Federal Government a Broker must have 1 of 2 bonds. The bond authority protects consumers so that if some tragedy were to happen in transport the consumer would not be able to be sued. Meaning if you were to transport a car through a broker or trucking company that does not have an active authority then should that truck get into an accident and hurt others, the injured could sue you and your assets. The Broker Authority shifts authority to the Broker which makes the broker liable, but his bond curtails how much he can be paid out backed by the bond. Brokers often claim to be insured but they are not. Department of Transportation highly recommends brokers have 2 insurances but most never have. They are claiming the trucking companies’ insurance. Simple questions every customer must ask and verify when getting a quote: 1. What kind of authority do you have, trucking or broker? 2. What Insurances does your brokerage have? 3. What is your Motor Carrier Number? 4. Where is your BBB and Google Reviews? Please do not be manipulated by companies showing reviews that are not on Google, bedpage or BBB. These companies are very stringent on the reviews that they allow because they know people are buying fake reviews and the amount of fraud going on in the Car Hauling Industry. In fact, you should call BBB and ask them about a company even if you don’t see their profile. Are All Transport Companies the Same? No. Unfortunately, Car Transport business is the new scam business where everyone thinks they can get rich like Debt Consolidation was the Get Rich Quick Scheme Years ago. The Federal Government requires you to post your DOT/MC# in every Ad. Why? Because you are supposed to Google that number and see if their Bond is Active. Should it be the trucking company you must google to see if that Trucking Company has insurance on their vehicle before loading your vehicle on their truck. Immediately, run over to the tag of the company and google their MC#. No MC# that means no insurance. No recourse should your car be damaged or used for something illegal. Should something go wrong in transporting of your vehicle you are responsible financially if you did not verify that the Broker was properly bonded and that the trucking company that the Broker gave you has proper insurance. If the State Trooper confiscates your vehicle it will be your responsibility to get the proper paperwork to the impound and arrange to have your vehicle picked up from that location. Many brokers use fake names so that you cannot find and research their real MC# and see the complaints filed against them. They use fake names for a variety of reasons but if you do not see a MC# with a matching name then know that that company has defrauded customers before does not want you to know. Recently, there has been a coder contacting all the companies on bedpage offering to sell reviews. The companies with that all have slightly more than 40 positive reviews are the companies that bought his reviews. Then there are the companies that left their state of origins business and moved to states where they cannot be sued under a different family members name and blocked Google, bedpage and BBB from letting anyone leave a review for them. You would have to be a special kind of stupid to trust anyone with your car that does not allow you to leave public reviews on Google at the very least. Why should you the consumer be very Cautious with whom you shop with? Most consumers think that shipping a car is like any other business and want the best price. As a Master Car Hauler with the experience of loading over 100,000 cars and driven over 2,000,000 miles on the road without an accident, I want to be paid the highest price possible for each slot on my truck. There must be a meeting in the middle. Drivers have a dedicated price for an average car in a lane for every season. The average car is a Honda Accord/ Toyota Camry because they weigh 3,500lbs and car haulers are built to carry up to 10 and still be under weight. Meaning we have 35,000lbs to work with to make the most money we can make. As an intelligent person common sense must play apart when talking to people and asking for a fair rate. You must be intelligent enough and say this price makes sense. Why? Because most scam brokers give you a price to pull you in and then once you have committed, they depend on your vulnerability and change the price on you for the most commission. How does that work? They tell you $500 for a $700 road. They give an excuse, the driver got sick or truck broke down. Then they say they have a new driver that can pick up for… Often brokers with the cheapest price are hiring guys with canceled insurance and horrible damage reviews. There is a firm rate for every lane that the best drivers will not go under, and you are not a Car Hauler how would you know what a Car Hauler wants for a certain vehicle as vehicle can weigh anything from 2,000lbs to 14,000lbs with all kinds of dimensions. Load Boards do not give accurate estimates of prices. Load Board estimates prices by Pickup $1,000 for example but it does not say 1500, 2500 or 3500. It does not say Corolla or Avalon, it says Car - but vehicles vary in weight from 1,000lbs to 5,000lbs. Car Haulers often are working with less than 400lbs on a loaded truck so every 100lbs matter and this is where Brokers get customers in bad situations throwing out wrong prices because they do not understand car haulers. All the scam artists are doing this business. They claim they have been doing this for 20 years, but they do not let see their reviews. They claim they are trucking companies, but they post pictures of Chinese Trucks that are not even legal in the United States with Cars that are not even American Cars. The moment you see things like that you should immediately think “RED FLAG.” It is imperative, if your car is important to you that you research the companies you are quoting with because it is not only your car can come up missing, damaged or have stolen property, but you are still liable for damages should your property be involved in a criminal investigation. Many immigrants use car hauling to enter the United States as Citizens eventually. Some make it and some do not. Many do not even have a legal U.S. Driver’s License much less have proper insurance on their trucks. It is up to you to search and see if the Broker has proper authority and that the driver, he is giving you. You must check the MC# Why work with Auto Express Inc.? When you speak to someone from Auto Express you are speaking to Car Haulers or Dispatchers not Salespeople with manipulative words. You are not only speaking to a company that is connected to a trucking that covers the nation with multiple 10 car carriers. We know that you want an easy, cost effective route to get your transported but a misstep will easily cost you $5k. We not only have all the proper authority and insurances, but we own trucks, we dispatch, we are hub for truckers that know if something goes wrong, I am the guy that will jump into a truck and come deal remedy a situation. With Auto Express there is no excuses. The processes that Auto Express goes through is unmatched. It is nice to pander to people but we Auto Express we are Car Haulers ourselves for 20 years and 2nd Generation Car Haulers. The same brokers that you call for quotes, call us to tell them how much your vehicle cost to move on a car carrier portraying as customers. We say we own trucks - everyone says they own trucks, but all their truck images are images that are stolen from the internet. We show truck that belong to us. No old stolen images. The worst part of them saying they own trucks and are trucking companies is them identifying that they do not have proper authority to properly protect the consumers assets and property. We say we have 19 years in Car Hauling – they say they have 19 years in Car Hauling but if you knew the truth behind what they have going on…. There is a reason they all have the same reviews. There is a reason they do not have Google, bedpage and BBB. There is a reason they are in states where they cannot be pursued for taken advantage of their customers. We have 5 Star Positive Reviews on Google, bedpage, and Better Business Bureau – they pay coders to give them 39 positive reviews on Google, BBB and bedpage. Or they do not have any of the above but use sites that they can manipulate the reviews. If you cannot leave a review on Google, bedpage or BBB that should tell you everything you need to know. That means that they use sites that they control their reviews. Why would they do that? Because in the business of Car Hauling – if you have no trucks and do not know how to Car Haul it can be very expensive for the Customer. How can using the Wrong Company be Costly? When you hear a Broker said Bonded, Licensed and Insured what does that mean? It means that Broker has a bond that is supposed to protect you should a truck get into an accident and the injured person wants to sue you for your assets. That is why everyone that you call must have a bond. However, we now have used car dealers using their Car Dealer license to post your car on the load board, but they do not have the bond authority to protect like a Freight Broker is legally responsible for having. It is very important that the company you speak to about moving your car has the proper authority because it is required by the Federal Government, but the Tow Truck Company does not have that. The Used Car Dealer calling himself a Transport company does not have the authority and he is illegally posting your car misusing his bond as Car Dealer to post your car on the load board. In addition, though the Federal Government does not require a Freight Broker to have the other Contingent Cargo and Errors and Omissions Insurance it is highly recommended. What is Contingent Cargo Insurance? Most trucking companies have high deductibles on their insurances going from $1k- $10k. Though the Broker - when he is saying he is Licensed & Bonded, they are often lying and depending on the trucking companies’ insurance who usually has a $5k deductible. That means should the driver scratch, dent, crack your windshield amongst some of the many damages that can happen to your car – your vehicle is not covered because they will tell you the damage on your car is less than the deductible. Contingent Cargo insurance covers that gap. If your broker does not have that he is not legit. Your car is not covered and insured properly because barring the entire truck being caught on fire most trucking companies’ insurances finagle to get your damages under the driver’s deductible to shift responsibility. Why should you NOT trust the trucking company that a broker gives you and Research the Person Yourself? When you hire a company to move your car you may think that your job is done and that you do not have to worry about anything, but nothing is further from the truth. Most of the brokers in the business are only in the business for a quick commission and know very little about the auto transport business. They know how to sweet talk and pander to people. You must research on the internet the reviews of the company that the broker has offered your vehicle to. You are still responsible for the drivers deductible and more if your driver does not have the correct insurances. Should you ask the driver picking up your vehicle what his insurance deductible is? YES. Before you allow your car to be put on someone’s truck please verify the name of the trucking company, the driver and their reviews. If your broker will not provide that - it is a big red flag. Should a DOT Police Officer run their license plates and see that their insurance is canceled – their truck and trailer will get impounded and wherever that car is at is where you will have to come to the location with proof of ownership and then arrange transport for. It will be up to that impound to decide your storage fees. Those situations costly and that is another reason why companies control leaving reviews on them. Why is it important your Broker also have Errors and Omission Insurance? Outside of it is one of the 3 insurances DOT recommends in this climate many companies are letting truckers put their trucks under their authority for a fee. There are many companies like 24/7 Transport out of Hialeah, FL. They claim to have 30+ trucks and drivers. They manipulate and switch insurances and authorities but also manipulate their reviews. Uninformed brokers hire them because they think that they have a good rating, but the drivers of that company damage cars frequently and often do not have insurances because they switch paperwork around illegally manipulating the DOT system. They damage your car, and the broker finds out that the insurance that was presented was not the insurance for the truck that transported your vehicle. The trucking company is not going to help the broker file an insurance claim against someone they are making money from. The broker is now liable for the damages and if he only has a bond that does not cover the damages of your car. What to Look for Choosing a Company to Help Move Your Vehicle? A Company Must HAVE A BROKERAGE AUTHORITY FOR YOUR PROTECTION. THEY MUST OWN TRUCKS and Be ABLE TO PROVE IT, NOT with STOLEN IMAGES. OUTSIDE OF THAT YOU ARE SHOOTING DARTS AT A WALL, NO ONE CALL TELL YOU ANYTHING FOR CERTAIN. YOU MUST VERIFY THE COMPANIES AUTHORITY – IS THE COMPANY A TOW TRUCK COMPANY, an AUTO DEALERSHIP, a LOCAL GUY WITH A TRAILER. SHOULD THAT LOCAL GUY WITH A TRAILER GET IN ACCIDENT – NOT ONLY CAN THE OTHER PARTY SUE YOU BUT SO CAN YOUR DRIVER. For YOUR Protection You MUST WORK WITH THE PROFESSIONALS. IF THEY CANNOT EXPLAIN THE INFORMATION I AM GIVING IN DETAIL, YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR TRANSPORT THAN THEM BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR HIGHWAYS AND THEY DON’T. YOU KNOW YOUR WEATHER, THEY DON’T. A LITTLE COMMON SENSE WILL SAVE YOU THOUSANDS. THIS IS NOT THE BUSINESS FOR IMPULSE DECISION MAKING. When we Started Advertising on the Internet maybe 10 years ago, we were the 1st to say it took “72 hours to load a 10 Car Carrier picking up Privately Owned Vehicles.” That is roughly a fair estimate in most cities what it took ‘Me’ to load my Car Carrier. The things that the brokers that call me portraying as Customers have taken that statement and turned it into since is pathetic. I do not even know what I can say on the phone to Customers anymore without fear a broker will take what I say and twist it. I have told people that I am a 2nd Generation Family Car Hauling / Auto Transport Business - Now Everyone is a Family Auto Transport Business. I say I have 20 Years as a Car Hauler and now Everyone is Saying they Have 20 Years in the Business but when you Google their Company and Look them Up, When You Look Up their Ownership and the name of the Parties Involved – You then see All the Different Scam Companies Under their Names. You see how they Jump from State to State Shutting Down and Reopening Companies in Family Members Names Illegally Trying to Dodge Lawsuits from People that they Have Scammed. YOU MUST AS A CONSUMER LOOK UP THE COMPANIES BEFORE YOU TRUST THEM WITH YOUR VEHICLE BECAUSE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES SHOULD YOU HIRE THE WRONG COMPANY AND THINGS GO WRONG. YOU MUST SEARCH THE COMPANIES AND LOOK UP THE OWNERS. SEE THE BUSINESSES ATTACHED TO THEM. DO NOT TRUST WHAT PEOPLE ADVERTISE – ESPECIALLY IN THIS BUSINESS PACKED WITH FRAUDS. IF YOU CALL THE BBB, They Will TELL YOU THE AMOUNT OF FRAUD GOING ON in the BROKERAGE SIDE AND THE TRUCKING SIDE. YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF. ALL FRAUD BROKERS DO WHEN THINGS GO WRONG IS BLOCK YOU AND MAKE YOU FIGHT YOUR BANK AND CREDIT CARD FOR YOUR MONEY. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND WORK WITH THE PROFESSIONAL CAR HAULERS AND DISPATCHERS AT AUTO EXPRESS. 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